Pork Milanese If You Please-ay

If you want to completely engross yourself in the district that this Cat lives in, drinking wine while whisking a bechamel is the quickest way to experience the two things I undoubtedly love most – fermented grapes and complete control of a spatula.

Many ask for my recipes and I’ll be honest- I’m not Anthony Bourdain (may he rest in culinary peace). I’m a semi-homemade, sometimes make from scratch to be a badass, or follow the recipe from a meal kit type of chef. I will, however, admit humbly that I’m damn good. I’ve won hearts with maple bacon scones and I’ve brought men to their knees with extraordinary pasta dishes. The biggest challenge I faced was replicating my dad’s famous BBQ rib recipe. When I saw tears in my mother’s eye eating my second go at them, I knew how I’d forever keep my dad close to my heart – in the kitchen.

Every recipe I follow comes with my knowledge of tastes that work, how to switch in and out ingredients, to go light on some proposed emulsions or sauces that will definitely be too sweet or tart (careful with fresh lemon juice, you can always add but cannot subtract without gobs of olive oil – and NEVER use bottled lemon juice). I also hate rosemary. Fuck rosemary. Who does it think it is? Creeping into recipes on days that aren’t Thanksgiving, unforgivingly overpowering a perfectly good meal? I won’t have it.

Anyway, if you want the recipe, ask! If you want tips that I’ve learned over the years that make everything I do in the kitchen as fluid as everything I do in bed, more than happy to share…the chefery tips only.

I just like doing things I’m really good at. Some people like to workout, or play golf because they’re old and white (or old and white at heart), some people binge-watch reality t.v., and others do weird things like enjoy nature – or go to bondage sex parties. Whatever turns your kabob so long as it isn’t murder or rape, do you.

For me, it’s going to a restaurant, enjoying the dish I ordered, then recreating it at home to claim immortal glory. Like Athena meets Martha Stewart.

Okay, I’m getting off topic per usual. Let’s set the table.

Today’s recipe, pork Milanese with a dijon arugula salad and dijon honey dipping sauce. Sealing the pork chop in panko kept it extra tender and juicy, and paired with arugula made me feel less guilty that my meat was breaded. I always use ‘designer’ olive oil when I make salad dressings – makes the dressing taste better. Dijon salad dressings are one of my top faves along with champagne vinaigrette. So easy and makes all leafy greens delicious. Arugula, for me, is the all-star player when it comes to salads. There is nothing easier than throwing some fresh arugula in a bowl, maybe some tomatoes as well, and drizzling on a dressing and pretending like it took forever to figure it. Anyway, this earned itself 5 stars from me.

This particular recipe was care of Plated, except I of course measure both dressings to my liking. Because I’m baller like that.


Catherine is a native Detroiter currently residing in Washington D.C. She has seven years of experience in digital marketing strategy and communications. She enjoys the occasional Pop Tart and shamelessly eats breakfast burritos on weekday mornings. Catherine is certified in Google AdWords, SEO, content marketing, social media, and sarcasm. Catherine is also partial to dresses and skirts over pants and has been mistaken for many daytime cable show actresses.

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