A Yummy & Spectacular Thyme

I got home after work and realized people shouldn’t complain about Mondays so much. Monday has such a bad rap when all it’s trying to do is sober you up from the weekend so you can work to make money to drink next weekend. Want a day of the week to hate? Wednesdays. Everyone should loathe Wednesday as a concept. No one gives a raccoon’s ass that Wednesdays exist. People tried to brand it as ‘Hump Day’ and if you know any people who still call it such, you should find the nearest dumpster to throw them in. There is NOTHING spectacular about Wednesday. It’s not close enough to a weekend to make it anything but worthless, there are NO fun alliterations that could make it less awful – Manic Monday, Taco Tuesday, ……… exactly. So how do you make a depressingly unspectacular day lose its ‘un’ prefix?

You make a damn delicious dinner, of course. Because food can change anyone’s mind about anything if you sprinkle enough ground up prescriptions on it. Just kidding. What a waste of perfectly good Xanax.

I took a look to see the meals left I had to make. Hello Fresh hadn’t impressed me with the first meal I made of theirs (you can’t make a good cream sauce without a roux, you ANIMALS). So I decided to give their pork recipe a try. And did it deliver.

Thyme and Honey pork chops, which included a boneless pork chop seasoned with S+P (salt and pepper) pan seared to perfection (medium heat, 3 minutes a side) which I then removed to rest while using thyme and shallot to make a reduction. The French couscous utilized the BEST technique to make good couscous (put chicken stock in a saucepan, season well with salt, bring to a boil, pour couscous in, cover with a lid and take it off the heat and don’t touch it for about 10 – 15 minutes). I put the couscous down first on the plate, topped with the sliced pork chop, then I spooned over the pan sauce to make the pork and couscous sing.



Balsamic honey vinaigrette was a perfect complement to peppery arugula as a small side salad. I even splashed in some of my peach wine as peaches were sliced to go in the salad as well.

It was the kind of meal that you take one bite of, and IMMEDIATELY turn off the TV to put on romantic music. That’s how tender and juicy that pork was; it demanded being eaten slowly while Nat King Cole serenades you.

My husband tried to start a conversation about government entities and whether or not their budgets should be set by partisan policies. I raised my hand to command silence. This dish deserved the utmost respect, and not even a legally binding relationship was going to come in the way of it.

Paired with Federalist Zinfandel that had been aged in a bourbon barrel made me fairly certain I could get on board with more Wednesdays like this one.



Music While Cooking: Cher’s Pandora Station


Catherine is a native Detroiter currently residing in Washington D.C. She has seven years of experience in digital marketing strategy and communications. She enjoys the occasional Pop Tart and shamelessly eats breakfast burritos on weekday mornings. Catherine is certified in Google AdWords, SEO, content marketing, email and social media marketing, and sarcasm. Catherine is also partial to dresses and skirts over pants and has been mistaken for many daytime cable show actresses.

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